PSS Development Solutions are Built on a Solid Mission and Operational Foundation


We utilize deep customer mission and operational understanding, combined with world-class software engineering, information architecture, systems engineering, development and testing, Post Production Support Software (PPSS) and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) capabilities.

Efficiencies created by new and mobile technologies can change organizational processes and solve problems in new ways. To leverage new technology opportunities, sometimes you need to go beyond commercialized products and develop, customize, or integrate technology to create your own solutions. PSS helps customers develop software and systems that manage every aspect of the enterprise, mission or campaign, from clean-sheet development to COTS and GOTS software integration to mobile application design, deployment and device management.

We deliver services such as:

  • Business life cycle and tactical systems software development
  • Mobile application design, development, deployment and support
  • Mobile application and device management systems

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