Premier Supreme Solutions (PSS) provides supply chain management services to many government and commercial clients. This includes supporting ERP and manufacturing systems,  as well as warehouse management and inventory control systems and processes.

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Systems and Processes

  • Supply Support
  • Acquisition Planning/Execution
  • Shipping and Receiving (Receipt,  Storage and Issue)
  • Sorting and Distribution
    • Inventory Management and Control
    • Spares Management
  • Computerized Asset Management
  • Bar Coding/Serial Number Tracking
  • Inventory Management/Audit
  • Stock Level Analysis and Requisition Replenishment Stock
  • Maintain Warranty Information and Coordinate Warranty Repair
  • Document Government-Furnished Materials
  • Safety
  • Configuration Management
  • Logistics Support Planning/Documentation
    • Technical Manuals
    • Training/Curricula Development

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